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“Fields of Abstract”

Corel Painter

I had drifted off, lying in my field of soft flowing grass surrounded by a ring of trees. The moonlight reflected on my body a pale blue and the air was rich and full of nature’s breath. You could almost hear the sparkle of moisture like small diamonds alit with tiny blue flames. The fullness of the moon, my companion in the sky, showered me with her protection. The warm spring air was full of love and honey.

I awoke to a sense of something new and different in my world. Suddenly, there was a snap of a twig and a slow rustle in the tree line nearby. My animal senses roared in my chest as I sunk deep within the layers of the tall grass, my heart screaming in my head.

She drifted out into the opening and into the moonlight with the silent skips and hops of shadows all about her body. The thick air mixing with the moonlight made it seem as if her skin was alit with a soft blue glow. She floated on air as the grass danced at her feet as she moved closer.

As she moved closer to me, instincts forced me to stand straight up to reveal my presence. Even from the distance between us, our eyes fixated on each other and I could feel her vision moving throughout me, exploring me.

I sensed that we were being pulled together by some unknown force. I began to feel and smell the essence of her being and it was sweetness beyond any flower I had smelled. I swallowed her in large gulps as if trying to memorize a dream. Her bare skin was covered in honeydew and the air about her sparkled as if she were made of pure heaven. My hand reached out to touch her, challenging reality.


My body must have heaved in excitement from the electric sparks from the touch of her silk. With her eyes, she penetrated my very soul…with my eyes, I said, “I love you.”

We swam in passion, ran together in great fields of love…we became one.

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