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“The Dream Always Flies”

Ink on Heavy Paper

“The Dream Always Flies” was inspired by the sadness that comes with letting a dream fly away, like an intimate love that you finally realize you can no longer touch.

Like walking through a field of wildflowers in spring, I find the one dream that inspires me most, and I pick it. I separate it from its roots, and I treasure and love it for all of its beauty and unique diversity. At that moment, it’s hard to realize that in doing so, I’ve taken upon a great responsibility to keep this wildflower (or dream) from becoming a great and foolish waste.

I fail at my attempts from time to time, but there are always wonderful moments when I bring things through to completion and am fulfilled. But as I’ve done this throughout my lifetime, the dreams have become harder and more serious, and becoming successful at any given thing takes great responsibility.

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