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Bringing Back My Winamp 2.9 Player Skins

October 3, 2021

Released in 1997 for Windows, Winamp was (and still is) the best audio player out there.

Back in 2003 I released 3 skins for version 2.9 before it got all “modern” and I still switch between them to this day. I learned a lot during the process and it was tons of fun. The 4th skin, “Sweet Dreams” was never quite finished, though you might still be able to find it there somewhere.

Winamp has an interesting history and although the latest release has been a couple of years ago, I sure do hope that something for iOS is in the works. It’s the one thing about Mac that I haven’t been able to get used to. There’s just not a good enough audio player that matches Winamp (though Pine Player is really good!).

You can visit the Winamp Skin Museum and preview these skins in action. The “Embryo” skin isn’t very intuitive with the player controls, but I did try to make the little “spermies” in the equalizer appear animated 😉

You can download the skin by clicking on the images below. Just rename the “zip” file to “wsz” and drop it in your Winamp’s “skins” folder and you’ll be all set. These were created for versions up to 2.9, so some things (like menu text) won’t look right.


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