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Ed Stone

I’m Ed Stone, an artist living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been creating art for most of my life and working as a designer/developer since the mid-90s.

My Art

I create solely for the process and try not to worry much about the finished piece.

The things I create constantly evolve, from working on translating concise ideas of what I wish to create or capture to simply allowing random sequences of thoughts and ideas to take shape and letting the art form itself.

Other than adding a title to a piece, I rarely describe the meaning behind my art — I prefer my work to be wide open for interpretation.

Over time, the feelings and meaning behind a piece of art can evolve, but if I define this for someone with my own intention, I might also prevent this evolution from happening and change how someone might connect with the art.

When I make time to do my art, I can eventually connect to something deeper inside that is wiser, childlike, and primal…which is very helpful to my well-being and helps to keep me balanced. And the process matters most.

Lately, a big part of my creative process has been directly focused on opening channels with my “muse.” I’ve been trying harder to listen to what inspires me most, following my gut instincts, identifying my creative barriers, and letting go. In other words, just shutting up, listening, and playing.

It’s a kind of dance.

If you’d like to order prints of my artwork, please visit

My Photography

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but I only started to take photography more seriously a few years ago. I’m drawn to the details often overlooked, and I push myself to create photos the way I’d like them first without relying on what I can do in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Although I sell prints of my photos, making money off of the photos that I take has never been a goal of mine. I love the challenge that photography brings (especially when working manually). Slowing down, looking for light, and discovering something new are what turns me on the most. It’s a constant learning experience.

There’s definitely a meditation-like experience that occurs each time I’m out taking photos. It forces me to be more present and observant. And these little meditative journeys deepen my connection to the world.

I still have lots to learn and am currently pushing myself to work more manually in monochrome.

My Work

For more than 25 years, I’ve been immersed in solving complex challenges, bridging the gap between people and technology, and building long-lasting relationships with the people I work with. I enjoy simplifying the intricate and creating emotional connections with those who use the products I create.

This is done both from a design/user experience perspective, as well as with a structural and functional sensibility with the products I create when wearing my developer hat.

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Ed Stone Studio