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“An Elaborate Dream”

Acrylic and Watercolor Graphite on Canvas

This is one of those pieces that I reluctantly show to the world because I don’t know how I feel about it. It might be because my experiment with adding watercolor graphite over acrylic paint on a big canvas didn’t turn out like I’d hoped, or that I feel like I’ve painted this before (see this, or this, or this to see what I mean), or that I’m just struggling to take good photos of my larger pieces. Or a combination of all of these.

I try really hard to focus on the process and not the end result and to always listen to my muse to see what she’s trying to say. Posting art that I don’t necessarily like, I think, is important because it’s something I can look back on and grow from. It’s also an obligation…a way of honoring the muse and letting her voice be heard through me.

But if I ask myself, “What is true?” then I find the real answer if I sit long enough with it: It just doesn’t matter. Move on.

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